entec bio power: Expertise and experience

entec biopower gmbh is a private corporation based in St. Gallen, Schweiz and offers design, supervision of construction, commissioning and operational monitoring of biogas plants.

Our staff has more than 30 years of experience within the biogas field. entec biopower gmbh is a sought-after partner on the worldwide biogas market offering a unique spectrum of competence and knowledge.

Complex large scale biogas plants have been realized by our staff in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Spain, France, Italy as well as India, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malawi and North America. Our team consists of food and biotechnologists, process and environmental engineers, plant engineers, technical chemists and ICA engineers.

The increased demand for Renewable Energy, especially for biogas technology, from various industries encourages us to expand globally by entering into partnerships and cooperations in Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, India, the UK and North America thus far.

We promote the cultivation and development of new markets which allows us to rely on significant growth in the future.

entec biogas gmbh
entec biogas gmbh