entec biogas: Sustainable and Profitable

Our mission is to support the realization of ethical, sustainable plants with long-term performance. Our partners meet these criteria. The economical framework requirements of a biogas project render it interesting for all involved parties.

Changed Requirements

The financial crisis and the changed equity provisions of the banks (Basel III) lead to a tightening of the guidelines and hamper the financing of large scale projects. We close the gap between missing equity and bank financing.

Tailor-made Solutions

REI Global reviews feasibility studies provided by the project owners and takes an active role during initial negotiations up to the realization of the plant. A pre-due dilligence will be carried out on positive results. Then a shareholding between 25,01 % - 49,90 % of the project is possible.

REI also offers additional support during the financing phase of the project in cooperation with reputed banks.

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